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If, however, a man is unsure whether he is the biological father, he has the right to undergo a paternity test.

Here’s What You Should Know about At-Home Paternity Tests

The DDC paternity DNA testing portfolio offers three tests, including the Home DNA Paternity Test, Paternity Testing With Legal Results, and the Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test.Not all home paternity tests are as accurate as professional tests.

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Please call DDC at 1-800-329-7519 for all Legal Testing Needs.

Test results are guaranteed to be over 99.9% accurate for paternity inclusions, and 100% accurate for paternity exclusions (not the father).Paternity Testing With more than 35 years of experience, LabCorp is a trusted DNA testing laboratory for paternity testing.STK Home Paternity Test INCLUDES ALL LAB FEES for testing a suspected father and child.DNA Paternity Testing provides alleged fathers the opportunity to determine paternity of a child.

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Paternity tests prove whether or not a man is the biological father of a child.Performing a DNA test is the highest frequency of testing that can provide the truth about the paternity of an alleged father.A home paternity test may be the best option when you want a DNA paternity test strictly for your own knowledge.Test results are guaranteed to be over 99.9% accurate for paternity inclusions, and 100% accurate for paternity exclusions.Our paternity test is accurate, confidential and easy to carry out.

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With a few simple steps, you can have fast, accurate DNA testing and paternity testing results for peace of mind.Collect your samples in the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you deem private.DNA paternity testing helps to determine the true biological father of a child.

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If you need to find out who the father of the baby is with certainty, simplicity, and for an affordable price, check out these 4 at home paternity test kits.Your test results will be ready in 5-7 working days (or 3 working days if you choose our express option).

Paternity DNA tests have become an important and useful tool for family research today.Our paternity DNA tests are performed using the most advanced state of the art technology delivering 100% accurate results in just 2 business days.It is designed to satisfy your own curiosity concerning a potential paternal biological relationship.

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Paternity testing: If you are not sure about the father of your children or a court has ordered paternity testing for your case, we would be happy to provide you with quick and accurate results that you can rely on.

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With the latest developments in technology, these paternity tests are very affordable, accurate, and samples can be collected in the comfort of your own home.

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Paternity testing can determine whether or not a particular man is the biological father of a particular child.If you need results that can be used in court, you need a Legal DNA Paternity Test.Curiosity Testing with a Home DNA Paternity Test Kit When the results will not be used in any legal proceedings, Home DNA test kits offered by Maxxam allow individuals to collect their DNA samples from the privacy of their own home and send the samples to Maxxam for DNA testing.The fundamental reason paternity tests exist is because children, every single one, has the right to know the.

Samples are sent to our laboratory without verifying the identity of the person providing the sample.DNA paternity testing no longer needs to be difficult, with long trips to labs and blood work.The Legal Paternity Testing process follows a strict Chain of Custody and results in results that are court admissible.We offer Simple, accurate, and affordable DNA Testing in the privacy and comfort of your own home.A legal paternity test will provide the same accurate result as that of a standard paternity test.IDENTIGENE is part of HomeDNA, a suite of high-quality genetic tests.

Can You Count On the Reliability of an At Home Paternity Test?

A paternity test is a type of DNA test that establishes whether a man is the biological father of a child.Paternity tests are important for personal, medical, and legal purposes.There are many factors to consider when purchasing a home paternity test, but when it comes down to it, you are seeking two things: accuracy and speed.When users buy our independently chosen editorial picks, we may earn commissions to support our work.

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DNA paternity testing is the use of DNA profiling (known as genetic fingerprinting) to determine whether two individuals are biologically parent and child.

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The price includes the DNA testing kit, laboratory analysis and results.

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